Mapre Gauder Caterpuller

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Mapre Gauder Caterpuller for sale.

Guide Price GBP £ 15,000

Year 2000 +/-, Mapre Gauder Caterpuller. Air operated tracks, 86 inch distance center to center, belts 5 inches wide, Dimensions roughly 12 feet long x 40 inches wide x 7 feet high, weight estimated at 10,000 pounds, Cable guide rollers. Type CBF 1000 4V, serial# 45-9233, center line height 40″, cable guide rollers open to 10″. 480V-AC=18KW (1765RPM) GBP# MXP48KL1Q , entry guides over 8” diameter wide The machine is roughly 7’ tall x 40 inches wide x 12 ft long at longest point .

Location: Scotland. WBS No: ESO-233-002

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