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DMC Ltd was founded in 1997 as a UK based firm of consultants and brokers, with a specialist focus on subsea intervention vessels, equipment and projects. The company has extensive experience with the disposal and procurement of equipment and vessels associated with this specialised market, and SALEYARD is our online sale and purchase platform. This facility was expanded in 2019 to provide a full online sales and auction facility via the DMC Saleyard website, and has the flexibility to present items for sale to the market under a variety of modes. Further details about DMC Ltd and our activities can be located via our main website at


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Our Commitments to Buyers, Sellers and Brokers.

To Buyers:

DMC are directly mandated by Owners to act as sales agents for all vessels and equipment offered for sale on this website, and all entries are made with the full knowledge and agreement of the Owners. The content of each entry has been reviewed and approved by the relevant Owners. Details given are correct and current to the best of our knowledge but are given without guarantee.

To Sellers:

No representations, information or specifications regarding vessels or equipment for sale will be published without the direct approval of the Owners of that equipment, and all material published is subject to owners approval. Owners have full control of entries made on their behalf, and DMC will remove or amend such entries immediately upon instruction by Owners. No entry implies an exclusive mandate to DMC to offer that vessel or equipment for sale. DMC will make all reasonable efforts to prevent onward, uncontrolled circulation of vessels and equipment being offered for sale by unauthorised parties.

To other Brokers:

As 'Brokers in the market' ourselves we absolutely respect the position of other Brokers, and we welcome contact from our colleagues in the industry relating to vessels and equipment being offered for sale. We do request however that any such enquiries relate to interest that is in hand, and that details published on this website are not circulated or reproduced on other websites.


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