20″ Cutter Suction Dredge – Frank Bechtolt – Plus Extension Barge CIT-103 & Idler Barge

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M&E Partners have been authorized to market and sell a package of assets comprising of:

20” Cutter Suction Dredge “Capt Frank Bechtolt”

  • Built: 1966 (Center pontoon) / 2009 (Wing pontoons)
  • Length: 95 ft
  • Beam: 30 ft
  • Suction Diameter: 20 in
  • Discharge Diameter: 18 in
  • Hull divided into 7 x road-transportable sections

Extension Barge CIT-103

  • Length: 120ft
  • Beam: 30ft
  • 18” Diameter Centrifugal Dredge Pump and Cat Diesel Engine
  • Skid-mounted Diesel Engine-driven Hydraulic Pump

Idler Barge

  • Length: 146ft
  • Beam: 32ft
  • 2 x anchor spuds (65’ x 30”) and A-frame Gantry
  • 43’ x 8’ Keyway Slot containing Centre-line Hydraulic Spud Carriage System
  • Crew Quarters, Galley and Office Space

More photos available to view here.

2021 survey available upon requst. Email Us for price guidance and more information. Location Gulf of Mexico.

Interested parties are requested to submit firm offers by 25th November 2022.

Details given in good faith but without guarantee.