85Te Vertical Lay System

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Dixon Marine Consulting and AH Asset Solutions are pleased to present an 85Te vertical lay system for sale. Built in 2016 by IHC, 100hrs operation only, located at Port of Blyth, still assembled.

The Vertical Lay System is capable of handling flexible products with up to 85te maximum dynamic load.

  • The open deck VLS has an integrated grillage which has been designed so that it can be installed directly onto the deck of the majority of offshore Construction Vessels, either on the side, stern or over a moonpool.
  • The VLS is a 4 track system capable of handling flexible products between 50 600mm.
  • The system can operate in 2 track mode to allow for handling of smaller diameter products between 50 – 200mm at 50% capacity.
  • 4 Track mode can be used between products of 100mm and 600mm
  • One section of the tensioner frame body can be opened to allow the loading and unloading of the product in and out of the tensioner.
  • Utilises Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) motors and associated gearbox / brake assembly on each track body for control of speed and torque.
  • Regenerative power generated when the VFD motors slow down is dissipated through brake resistors inside the Tensioner Electrical Power Unit.

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