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Unused air dive spread being offered for sale on behalf of Sellers who took delivery of the equipment in 2009. Currently located USA.

The spread is contained within 2x shipping containers, with a brief description as follows:

Container 1 

20ft ISO container complete with A/C, 60” (1500mm) Deck Decompression Chamber (DDC) inc medical lock, operations panel and all associated lighting, pipe work and gauging to allow full operation in the event of a diving emergency or the need to re-compress a diver. The container will have a separate ‘man door’ to allow for the double opening doors to remain closed and help maintain a suitable environment during the weather seasons. We shall also fit Oxygen racks under the chamber to allow for standard O2 bottles to be stored and connected to the DDC for aid with a treatment.

The Container/DDC shall also include the following;

3 Off hyperbaric bunk lights (2 Off in main lock, 1 Off in entry lock)
5 Off Scott Val I Bib (3 Off in main lock, 2 Off in entry lock)
1 Off 7.5 Ltr Hyperbaric fire extinguisher (main lock)
1 Off 3 Ltr Hyperbaric fire extinguisher (entry lock)
1 Off mini O2 Analyzer
1 Off Chamber First Aid Box

Container 2

10ft ISO shipping container complete with A/C, 3 Diver panel (and all associated pipe work and gauging), LP Air inlet (supplied by the Electric LP air compressor), HP Air backup (6 Bottles), 1 Nos. Air receiver. Video system, Diving umbilical’s, helmets, camera and lighting and bench/desk, cupboards. The container will be fully self-sufficient and will allow for Air diving operations down to 50MSW.

Included above are;

3 Off Proteus II Diving Helmets
3 Off Hat light complete with bracket
2 Off Fibron (100mtr) 4 Part Umbilical (1 X Gas, 1 X Pneumo, 1 X Comms & 1 x Video)
1 Off Fibron (100mtr) 3 Part Umbilical (1 X Gas, 1 X Pneumo, 1 X Comms)
1 Off 3 Diver Video System
5 Off Bailout bottle
3 Off AR Vests
O2 Analyzer

These details available for download:

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