Modular Saturation Diving System ESO-200

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Price idea: USD 6,200,000 “as is where is” Louisiana, USA.

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Exclusively on behalf of Sellers, we are pleased to offer their DNV Classed, IMCA compliant portable saturation diving system prompt available for sale ex-USA. The 12-man system is 2011 built, 1000ft (305m) rated and comprises 2 x 6-man twin-lock chambers, HRC, LARS for moonpool or side launched 3-man bell, control / stores / HRC flyaway van etc. The system is currently in lay-up class with Seller’s technicians maintaining the system in good condition.

Price Idea:

USD 6,200,000 “as is where is” Louisiana, USA

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Specification Overview:

The DNV Classed system comprises of the following 11 major components (detailed further below):

  • Bell & Saturation Control Module
  • Habitat Life Support Module
  • 3-Man Diving Bell / SDC
  • Dual lock 6-Man Living Habitat / DDC #1
  • Dual lock 6-Man Living Habitat / DDC #2
  • Hyperbaric Rescue Chamber / HRC
  • Diving & Life Support Module
  • Bell Handling System / LARS
  • Umbilical Winch
  • Workshop / Stores Module
  • HRC Rescue Chamber Support Module / Fly Away Package;

The system offers standard 12-diver occupancy utilizing both of the two six-man twin lock chambers or it can also be configured with a single twin lock chamber to operate with 6 divers to optimize available deck space.

The Hyperbaric Rescue Chamber (HRC) can be installed on either side of the system, in either the 12 or 6 diver configuration. The HRC is approved by DNV to be utilized for decompressing up to 4-divers, if required.

More photos and details available in the downloadable specification.

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