Mini-SAT System

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Location: US GOM


Mini SAT System comprising: SAT Bell (Three Man), Mini-SAT Decompression Chamber, SAT Control Van, Decompression Chamber.

SAT Bell (Three Man)

  • Year: 1974
  • Make: Perry Submarine Builders
  • Serial: 67
  • USCG Number: SDC067

Class I Bell with sub-frame. 3-man capacity. 200M/660FSW Rated. 24″ ID bottom mating on ANSI 20 bolt flange. 24″ Tube Turns side mating flange. Approx. 17,000lbs. ASME, PHVO, USCG stamped/inspected.

Mini-SAT Decompression Chamber

  • Year: 1974
  • Make: Rheem Superior
  • Serial: X-3776

Mini-Sat DDC. Mates to side of Class I SDC Bell. Controlled by a Diving Control Van. Capacity for onboard gas below chamber. Established as a Fly-Away Rescue system if needed. DDC has onboard gas. 30″ manway on entrance lock. 24″ manway entry to Bell. Dual controls: side station and control van.

SAT Control Van

SAT Control Van with Volume tank and umbilical for mini-sat/bell

Decompression Chamber

  • Year: 1969
  • Make: Rheem Superior
  • Serial: X-3133

Mini-sat DDC. Controlled by Dive Control Van. 24″ ID locks and flanges on each end. Mates with SDC Bell on top flange. Mates to other DDC’s and to transfer lock.

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Location: FL- USA. WBS No: CL-ME-023-35

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