Hyperbaric Reception Facility

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Hyperbaric Reception Facility (HRF) in new and unused condition, supplied with Class certificate on delivery ex-Europe.

The modular HRF is specifically designed around a 40-feet module for easy transportation via road, sea and air, and immediate operation upon arrival on site.

Pricing is available on request against named Buyer.

The system is designed around a 40-feet module and built to minimize the time for mobilization and demobilization. Most of the components are installed into the same flat rack, while only a few components need to be positioned and connected to the rest of the system (set of loose delivery materials). Its design can support a wide number of Hyperbaric Evacuation Systems (HES), with both side and bottom mating. The module can be connected to Hyperbaric Rescue Chambers (HRCs), to Hyperbaric Lifeboats (HLBs), Diving Bells, but also to various Submarine Rescue Vehicles.

The System comprises:

  • 12-Man Deck Decompression Chamber (DDC) with food lock – Twin Lock DDC with an internal diameter of 2200 mm rated 300 msw
  • SAT control Room provided with air conditioning
  • SAT Control Console and Multicontrol Panel – provides environment control, redundant pressurization, communication, and fire-fighting activation in each Deck Decompression Chamber’s lock.
  • Environmental Control System – consisting of a double heat exchanger for gas heating/cooling and humidity removal
  • Redundant Chiller and Heater
  • Hot/Cold Sanitary Pumps – to deliver sanitary water in the inner area
  • Cradle with saddles – designed to receive a 24-Man HLB or 18-Man HLB and resist to a weight of 24 Tons
  • Waste Tank
  • Fire Fighting Tank – filled with fresh water received from the facility services and it is fitted with a pressure gauge, a visual level, a level switch, and a safety valve.
  • Primary and Secondary Electrical Distribution – each distribution board requires 400 Vac electrical supply from service facility, and it supplies 440 and 230 Vac to the consumers.
  • HLB Spool and Clamping – a mobile clamp fitted on the frame allows the HLB Spool & Clamping to be locked onto the HLB.
  • Interconnecting materials (cable and hoses) – The system is delivered with a complete set of flexible hoses and connectorized electrical cables to interconnect the flat rack to the other equipment. Materials necessary to connect HRF to the facility supply services (e.g., gas, water, and electrical supplies) are not included.

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WBS No: ESO-223-5

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