Dry Hyperbaric Pipeline Repair Habitat

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Location: US GOM

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Dry Hyperbaric Pipeline Repair Habitat

This unit was designed and built by Marine Engineering Systems Co. It is designed for the underwater repairs of pipelines and cables from 2 inches diameter to 30 inches diameter. It can be operated in any water depth in which manned diving operations may be undertaken. It uses hydraulic power, DC power for Cameras and Lights, DC power for pre-heating blankets; DC for welding, pneumatic power for small tools. It has four on-board ballast in corners, it uses the included 4 add-on concrete ballast blocks and is very stable in rough water installations. Interior paint is non-reflective for welding safety. Divers enter and work in the dry. Facilitates automated orbital welding. Weight appx 30,000 lbs.

Location: FL- USA. WBS No: CL-ME-023-16