Decompression Chamber in 20ft Container

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Location: US GOM


Year: 1975. Make: Sat-Pak. Model: DP-450. USCG Number: HOU751. Serial: 28

SAT Chamber in 20 ft Marine ISO Conex. This chamber was manufactured by SAT-PAK of Houston, TX. It is built to ASME, USCG, PVHO standards and is rated to 460 FSW which enables it to be used in OSHA or USCG waters with Mixed Gas diving where the requirement is to have a chamber on site capable of compressing divers to the deepest depth of their mixed gas dives. This is a twin lock, DDC with 24″ doors. It is rated and designed under PVHO as a multiplace. We have a spare ( new) 24 inch / 24 bolt ANSI flange which could be added to allow direct mating to other DDC’s or our SDC Bell. Weight appox. 7,700 lbs.

Location: FL- USA. WBS No: CL-ME-023-01