4 x New & Unused Hydraulic Power Packs

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Price Idea: circa EUR 121,000 each unit, ex Romania.

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As brokers Dixon Marine Consulting Ltd are pleased to present for sale 4x new and unused hydraulic power packs, each fitted with two electric motors driving two hydraulic pumps. Electrical supply type is 440V 60Hz 145A driving 1x 55kW and 1x 37kW electric motors.

The status of the HPP components (valve, motors, pumps, pressures, main and emergency power supply availability, alarms) is monitored at the local control panel which also allows manual control of the pump starting in emergency condition, emergency control, emergency stop, the pressure setting and the heating/cooling activation.

Price Idea:

Seller is inviting offers either individually or on an enbloc sale basis “as is where is” ex Romania, at circa EUR 121,000 each unit.

Full details available on request.

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Mat Ridge
Direct Line: +44 (0)1603 561368

WBS No: ESO-223-4.