12 Diver Portable Saturation Diving System ESO-197

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On behalf of Sellers, DMC Ltd are pleased to offer this 300m rated 12-diver portable saturation diving system comprising four main pressure vessels – the SDC, the Main Living Chambers (DDC#1 and DDC #2) and the HRC; and it’s ancillary equipment including the Control and Workshop containers, and LARS. The full spread is available for sale on an “as is where is” basis ex-Middle East.

The system has been designed, built, maintained and tested in accordance with the IMCA guidelines and certified and witnessed by Lloyds Register of Shipping.

Price Idea: Sellers are inviting offers “as is where is”

Major Component Details:

Deck Compression Chamber 1; DDC#1 is a 300m rated twinlock skid mounted and enclosed saturation living chamber consisting of the main lock and entry lock. DDC#1 allows habitation for 6 men during saturation operations. The pressure vessel design is approved by both DNV and Lloyds Register

Deck Compression Chamber 2; DDC # 2 is exactly the same specification as DDC 1, but is opposite handed. Full details on request.

Hyperbaric Rescue Chamber (HRC): The system has its own dedicated diver Hyperbaric Rescue Chamber (HRC)

The chamber has design capacity for 10 divers under rescue evacuation conditions. It is also designed to accommodate three divers as an accommodation chamber. The HRC is supported in an integral protection frame, allowing maximum protection for the pressure vessel and auxiliary equipment. The HRC has sufficient flotation, to be able to float when fully manned, as well as to provide stability whilst under tow. The HRC is designed to be lifted off the vessel and lowered into the water by its dedicated deployment system, or floated / craned off the support vessel/barge depending on the emergency.

Environmental control of the HRC is achieved via the main Saturation Control Van or via the dedicated Hyperbaric Rescue Control van (HRCV).

Submersible Diving Chamber (SDC): The SDC has depth capability of 300 metres with 360m umbilical, and is designed to deploy two working divers plus a bellman to the working depth. It is designed in accordance with PD 5500 (2000), tested in accordance with the IMCA guidelines and witnessed by Lloyds Register of Shipping and certified by both DNV and Lloyds Register. The SDC has been hydrostatically tested to 1.5 times the working depth capability of 300 metres. The internal volume of the bell will be 4.5 cubic metres. The SDC sits on legs which will allow it to be mated to the trolley for alignment with the DDC#1.

Handling System: The handling system consists of a main winch to raise and lower the SDC. The unit is designed for handling the SDC over the back or side of a work boat or barge. This system includes a main winch, A-frame and electric power pack to provide hydraulic power to the winch.

Guide Wire System: A guide wire system is fitted to provide stability to the bell. This system also acts as a secondary means of recovery of the bell to the interface and a means of supporting the bell clear of the worksite/seabed.

SDC/ DDC Control Container: The SDC console is located in purpose-built 3m x 7m Control Container, which incorporates the gas reclaim diving console, emergency surface diving panel, monitors, VCRs, alarms, radio and hard line telephone communications and cutting and welding remote controls. The Control Container also houses the Saturation Control console (DDC Control) and supporting equipment.

For more details and images download the system specification:

Photos and details available in the downloadable specification.

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